Full Venue

The perfect place to unwind in the evening, the downstairs floor of Kissa is for the sophisticated crowd looking for an intimate night out and a unique vinyl-only listening experience. The vinyl-powered vintage sound system, built-in DJ booth, impressive vinyl record wall, ceiling-hung crystal disco balls, textured velvet details and ambient mood lighting sets the mood.

The Listening Bar

The Kissa lower level offers a sophisticated, vinyl-only listening experience for sophisticated guests, featuring an antique sound system, DJ booth, record wall, crystal disco balls, velvet accents, and ambient lighting.

The Lounge

The upper floor of Kissa features a fashion-forward lounge inspired by Studio 54, blending retro charm with contemporary style. The chic decor, comfortable seating, and vibrant energy create an inviting atmosphere for socializing, enjoying cocktails, and immersing in an unforgettable experience.

The Member Room

For an exclusive experience, Kissa also offers an intimate members-only room, reserved for esteemed guests seeking a heightened level of luxury and personalized service. With a karaoke bar and a private bartender, Kissa promises an unforgettable evening for those in search of refined indulgence.

Food & Beverage

At Kissa Toronto, our culinary fusion of tradition and innovation is showcased through a special Japanese-inspired Izakaya-style menu with mixology creations inspired by retro albums.

Your Next Steps

Our unique destination is designed to help create unforgettable memories for special occasions of different kinds. Learn more or inquire about your next event with us.
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